Bloodshed and Crime in the West: a Historical Western Adventure Book

By (author)Ethan Westfield


Deputy Travis Conway finds himself in a web of mystery and danger when the town’s mayor is found dead under suspicious circumstances in the heart of Arizona territory. As Travis delves into the investigation, he uncovers a web of corruption and must navigate treacherous alliances with the sheriff’s daughter, Dora Lund, while also battling his growing feelings for her. This action-packed Western adventure is filled with unexpected twists and captivating characters, making it a must-read for fans of historical romance and suspense.


Deputy Travis Conway is a lionhearted man who has enjoyed a peaceful life in Phoenix, in the heart of the Arizona territory. Despite his young age and inexperience, his ability with a gun is unmatched. No one could have prepared him, though, for the shocking death of the town’s mayor under mysterious circumstances. The suspicious signs of a possible murder, rather than an inevitable accident, make him determined to use all of his skills and unravel the enigma of the terrible crime. Little does he know that the main suspects have been right before his eyes all along… What is he willing to risk in order to protect the town from atrocity and corruption?. Rumors about the mayor’s murder spread in town like wildfire and Travis’s investigation leads him down an unexpected and dangerous path. After a peculiar turn of events, he will start to suspect the sheriff, as he seems too eager to cover up the whole affair and run for the empty mayoral office. As if things weren’t complicated enough, the sheriff’s daughter, Dora Lund, is willing to join forces with Travis for the greater good of the town. Will their investigation destroy her trust in her father just as it destroyed Travis’s trust in the sheriff?. Even though Travis and Dora meet under the worst variety of circumstances, they find encouragement in the strong feelings that grow between them. However, as long as the murderer is still out there, they cannot let themselves have a chance at love. Will Travis and Dora capture one of the most wanted criminals in the history of Phoenix? Or will forces of corruption overtake them at long last?. An action-packed story, featuring complex and fascinating characters, and twists and turns that will take your breath away. A must-read for fans of Western action and romance.. “Bloodshed and Crime in the West” is a historical adventure novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cliffhangers, only pure unadulterated action.