Bodhi Meditation: the Fast Meditation Technique for Beginners

By (author)Ethan Ang


Master the art of meditation with Bodhi Meditation, a simple and effective technique taught for the past twenty five years by Master JinBodhi. Join the millions worldwide who have benefitted from this dynamic guided meditation and discover the countless benefits and scientific data behind this amazing practice. Plus, all proceeds from the book will be donated to the Bodhi Meditation Center in Singapore!


Have you become discouraged on not being able to meditate? Discover a simple, fast and easy technique that will blow your mind away. Introducing Bodhi Meditation, a dynamic and guided meditation by Master JinBodhi who has taught this effective method for the past twenty five years. Want proof? Millions of people worldwide have benefitted this amazing style of meditation. Just check out at any of the thirty centres worldwide or the free magazines. Both information can be found in the ebook. If you are curious about meditation such as more than seventy five benefits or scientific data or if you are keen to learn meditation, then this book is for you. All sales proceeds, if any, will be donated to Bodhi Meditation Center in Singapore.