Body Boundaries Make Me Stronger: Personal Safety Book for Kids About Body Safety, Personal Space, Private Parts and Consent That Teaches Social Skills and Body Awareness

By (author)Elizabeth Cole


Teaching kids about personal boundaries just got easier with “Little Nick’s Story.” This beautifully illustrated book helps children learn about body safety, consent, and social skills in an age-appropriate manner. It’s a great conversation starter and a must-have for any child’s library.


Every parent must navigate the tricky situation of teaching kids about personal boundaries in a healthy, age-appropriate manner. Finding the right personal safety books to do it, however, just got easier with this book about personal space.Little Nick’s story is a beautifully illustrated consent book for parents to read with their little boys and girls. In this boundaries for kids book, Little Nick experiences several situations that make him uncomfortable, but once he tells his parents, he gains new ways to address the situations.What Kids Will Learn:Body safety and awarenessSocial skillsConsent for touch and no touchGood touch, bad touch differentiationStranger dangerLittle Nick’s story provides a great guide for social emotional learning for kids. All of the situations in the children’s safety books are relatable and useful for teaching consent to children in an age-appropriate manner, whether they’re a boy or girl.The exceptional story lets kids see who their body belongs to, how to express their feelings in what’s said, what rules they might set up, and when there need to be exceptions to things like underpants for doctors.This baby and child safety book is great conversation starter that kids can use while learning to read. The social emotional learning book for kids features rhyming text and high-quality illustrations that help children read the story themselves as they learn about good touch, bad touch for kids.This body safety book for kids also promotes the basics for teaching kids about private parts. This kids’ book about safety increases body awareness for kids and is an excellent addition to any child’s library.***Body Boundaries Make Me Stronger is part of a series of social emotional books for kids that explore emotions, feelings, and social skills. This story is designed to help parents talk to their child about self-care, keeping safe, growing up, how to say what makes them uncomfortable, and much more.So, don’t wait and add this book to a child’s reading today!