Bonnie and the Deaf Bake Squad: a Lesson in Confidence

By (author)Mickey Carolan


Step into the heartwarming world of Bonnie, a Deaf girl with an unyielding passion for baking, as she faces the challenges of a baking competition with the support of her friends in “Bonnie and the Deaf Bake Squad: A Lesson in Confidence.” This vibrant picture book, perfect for children ages 3-9, showcases the power of friendship, determination, and inclusivity, with captivating illustrations and valuable life lessons that transcend barriers.


A Deaf girl’s friends encourage her to be confident in her baking skills as she enters a baking competition in a heartwarming picture book. . Bonus pages include Meet Bonnie, inclusion discussion questions, and nine ASL signs taught by the Deaf Bake Squad characters.. This book is ideal for children ages 3-9 and Pre K-3rd grade.. Step into the delightful world of young Bonnie, a vibrant and determined Deaf girl whose passion for baking knows no bounds! In this heartwarming picture book, Bonnie and the Deaf Bake Squad: A Lesson in Confidence.Follow Bonnie’s inspiring journey as she embarks on a thrilling baking competition with the dream of claiming victory!. Born Deaf, Bonnie has never let her physical disability hinder her dreams. Supported by her loving and compassionate friends from the renowned Michigan School for the Deaf, Bonnie dives headfirst into preparing her show-stopping entry for the prestigious Tuscola County Fair. With unwavering determination and a sprinkle of creativity, Bonnie puts her heart and soul into each delectable creation, all the while proving that being Deaf is no barrier to success.. Yet, as the competition draws nearer, Bonnie’s excitement is tinged with doubts and fears. Will she be able to stand tall against her hearing peers? The pressure seems insurmountable, but that’s when the incredible Deaf Bake Squad steps in to lend their unwavering support. As a tight-knit group of talented bakers, they become Bonnie’s pillar of strength, reminding her that her abilities know no bounds.. In Bonnie and the Deaf Bake Squad, readers will be treated to an array of stunning, full-color illustrations that bring the characters and their baking creations to life. These vivid visuals not only enhance the reading experience but also serve as an excellent opportunity for families and early educators from both the Deaf and hearing communities to engage in meaningful discussions about inclusivity, empathy, and the power of embracing differences.. This enchanting picture book marks the second installment in the Deaf Kids Can series, a collection of stories that celebrate the unique capabilities and talents of Deaf children. Much like its predecessor, Sky, the Deaf Home Run Hero this latest adventure delivers a powerful message: that no dream is too big when nurtured with love, support, and unwavering determination.. As readers turn each page, they’ll witness Bonnie’s growth, not only as a baker but also as an individual who learns the true essence of confidence. Every setback is met with resilience, every challenge with a dash of optimism, and every moment of doubt with the unwavering belief in herself. The book serves as an empowering reminder to young minds that embracing one’s passions and forging meaningful friendships can lead to extraordinary accomplishments.. Join Bonnie and her beloved Deaf Bake Squad on this unforgettable journey, where the aroma of freshly baked goodies mingles with the scent of triumph, and the warmth of friendship melts away any self-doubt. Bonnie and the Deaf Bake Squad: A Lesson in Confidence is a tale that will leave hearts brimming with hope, and souls inspired to pursue their dreams without fear or hesitation.. In this delightful narrative, the Deaf community’s resilience and strength shine brightly, becoming a beacon of inspiration for all readers. As you savor each page of this delightful tale, you’ll discover that the bonds of friendship transcend barriers, proving that together, we can achieve greatness.. Bonnie and the Deaf Bake Squad is a must-read picture book that will warm your heart and leave you with a newfound appreciation for the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.. Ideal for ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9, and grades K-3