Brooke and Peter: Heartwarming Contemporary Christian Romance Book

By (author)Morris Fenris

Brooke Jameson pursued fame and fortune in California, leaving behind her true self and the man who loved her back in Cathedral Hills. Now, burdened by the heavy weight of her choices, she must rediscover the power of love before it’s too late. Can she find true happiness and reclaim her lost identity?


Will she ever find true happiness?. Fame and fortune always come at a price, sometimes too high to bear.. Brooke Jameson lived a golden life in Cathedral Hills.. Her friend, Peter Nash, had a crush on her and was hopeful of marrying her in future.. But Brooke moved to California after high school in the hopes of gaining fame and fortune.. Doing so forced her to abandon everything she once was.. Years later, Brooke struggles under the weight of a life she’s desperate to leave.. The one man capable of rescuing her hasn’t left Cathedral Hills, neither has he forgotten the girl he once loved.. Will Brooke rediscover the power of love before it is too late?