Cadaver 1: a Zombie Apocalypse Thriller

By (author)Nick Clausen


Experience the ultimate zombie apocalypse in this action-packed series, as the infection spreads like wildfire and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Fans are raving about this unpredictable and brutal take on the genre, calling it the best zombie series they’ve ever read. Get ready for a painfully exhilarating ride through the end of the world with Cadaver.


*** SERIES NOW COMPLETE ***. From bestselling author of Dead Meat comes a new, fast-paced, unpredictable and brutal zombie series with a fresh take on the genre.. It all starts with a single dead person coming back to life.. Within days, the entire town is taken over.. Despite best efforts of the police and military, the infection spreads like the plague.. As the undead reach the nation’s borders, the fate of the world soon hangs in the balance …. “I couldn’t stop reading” ★★★★★“Best zombie series I’ve ever read” ★★★★★“I got so caught up in the story that all of a sudden I am at the end” ★★★★★. Depicting the zombie apocalypse as it gradually spirals into a global disaster, Cadaver takes you on a painfully exhilarating ride through the end of the world.. Fans of Mark Tufo, Bobby Adair, Mike Evans, and Camille Picott will devour this action-packed zombie series. If you enjoyed Slow Burn, This Rotten World, The End of Everything, or World War Z, you’ll love Cadaver.