Captured Lies

By (author)Maggie Thom

“Captured Lies” is a gripping suspense novel about Bailey, who discovers her entire life was a lie after her mother’s death. As she delves into her sketchy past, she must dodge bullets, stay ahead of those who want her dead, and untangle a web of deceit and secrets. This thrilling read will keep you guessing until the very end.


“Captured Lies is one of the most original and well-crafted suspense novels…” J Brewster. She was kidnapped not once but twice and now someone wants her dead because of it… Her life was a lie!. Bailey knew her upbringing wasn’t normal but she’s worked hard to stabilize her life. At 29, she finally has a good business, a stable home; her life is miles from that of her childhood. Then suddenly her mother dies, leaving a gaping hole and a discovery that they may not even be related. If Guy, the private investigator is to be believed, her life is a lie.. Using the skills she learned on the streets, Bailey travels back through a sketchy and dangerous past, to find answers. Dodging bullets, staying ahead of those who want her dead and convincing Guy she can do it alone, are making it difficult to discover not only the secrets of her mother’s past but that of a family claiming she is theirs.. Everyone seems to have a story… but who’s telling the truth? And who wants her dead? Is Guy part of the solution? Or part of the problem? To discover the facts, she’ll have to untangle a web of deceit, lies, and secrets, dating back over thirty years.. Captured Lies is the first book in The Caspian Wine Suspense/Thriller/Mystery Series. All books in this series can be read as a standalone. This is a suspense/thriller with some strong language, and scenes that might bother some. Loose ends are tied up by the end of each story. This is a story that will keep you guessing. Enjoy!. The Caspian Wine Series Captured Lies Deceitful Truths Split Seconds. Praise for Maggie Thom:. “… excellently written… kept my attention from the dramatic opening to the satisfying end…” Annabella Johnson. “Maggie Thom has a hidden gem with Captured Lies!… Like an onion, each layer of this action-packed tale becomes more involved, more wickedly deceitful and more dangerous…” Di – TomeTender. “Captured Lies is an outstanding book and it was a book I couldn’t put down…” Dee Sauter (Linda Howard Book Junkies)