Catch Rider

By (author)Tudor Robins


In “Catch Rider,” follow Laney as she faces adversity, loss, and the pursuit of her dreams in the competitive world of horse riding. With the help of a compassionate trainer, Laney must find the strength to overcome challenges and seize the chance to reshape her future. This captivating story will inspire and uplift as Laney navigates the power of resilience and the promise of a second chance.


She may not have a horse, but she’s got grit, a dream, and a coach willing to take a chance.. Laney’s life is upended when she’s barred from the only stable she knows. Enter Drew, a trainer with an eye for talent and a heart for the underdog.. In a world where dollars often dictate dominance, Laney – armed with resolve and a dream – must come to terms with what she’s lost and trust in the possibilities of the future.. “Catch Rider” is a story of overcoming the odds, chasing what seems impossible, and the power of a second chance. Will Laney seize the opportunity to redefine her destiny?