Cheating Husband With the Babysitter: a Taboo Forbidden Romance Age Gap Erotica Short Story

By (author)Emy Deep

In this sizzling standalone novel, a forbidden affair ignites between a cheating husband and his bold, teasing sitter. Get ready for a hot and taboo age-gap romance that will leave you wanting more. Don’t miss out on the other books that continue this steamy story!


Filthy, taboo, forbidden, hot and more!

When Frank learns that the sitter he employs, Kelly, is not shy when it comes to men, he starts to dreams about her body. However, things takes a hot and interesting turn when she starts teasing him under the table during the familly dinner.”You’re a naughty girl, Kelly,” he says in a low growl, his voice sending shivers down my spine before he unwraps his towel. “What will you do now?”

“This…” I say without hesitation, wrapping my hand around…

Standalone, age-gap, insanely hot cheating husband affair ! Don’t miss out the other books that directly follow this story!

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