Christian: an Mc Romance

By (author)Elias Taylor

“Breaking the girl code has never been so thrilling. Join me in this irresistible drama as I struggle to resist the allure of my ex-best friend’s bad boy ex-boyfriend, Christian. Will their drama tear us apart or will our love stand strong? Dive into this captivating romance today.”


He’s my ex-best friend’s ex-boyfriend. I shouldn’t care, except that I have to. . I’m breaking the girl code. Dating Christian would be a mistake. But I can’t keep my hands and my mind off him. Christian is the kind of man I’ve always dreamed about. A biker bad boy. His strong hold sends shivers down my spine. Things are perfect between us. Except the drama. My ex-best friend is trying to rip us apart. Will she succeed at shattering our love into pieces?

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