Chronicles of Sobek: Anubis and the Exodus

Immerse yourself in the dark sci-fi/fantasy world of “Chronicles of Sobek,” where two brothers, Anubis and Sobek, must confront their tyrannical father and embark on a journey of revenge, discovering jaw-dropping terror, betrayal, and extraordinary abilities along the way. Get ready for a turn-paging adventure filled with gut-wrenching decisions and heart-wrenching losses.


Emperor Malpheus is an imposing figure with unbridled authority and imposing powers that instill fear. Answering only to his gods, he fears no repercussions in committing acts of unspeakable horrors. But within the shadows, his young boy, Anubis, witnesses a brutality that will lead him on a road to revenge.

Unable to act alone, he finds his voice along with the courage to tell his Brother, Sobek, what he witnessed. Igniting a chain reaction of epic horrifying proportions. While one brother demands vengeance, the other diligently tries to find a refuge for his family and oppressed citizens. Two brothers stand at the crossroads to determine their destiny.

Their paths lead to jaw dropping brutality on the battlefield, interstellar combat, construction of technical marvels and extraterrestrial alliances to survive their tyrannical Father and divine intervention.

Experience their gut-wrenching decisions, while exploring detailed new worlds and encounter extraordinary beings with awe-inducing spectacular abilities.

“Chronicles of Sobek” is a dark sci-fi/fantasy saga with jaw-dropping terror, betrayal, dilemmas, shapeshifting, and heartfelt losses. Embark on this turn-paging journey now!