Claimed by a Charmer: a Charming Warrior, Fated Lovers Highland Historical Romance

By (author)Kara Griffin


In “The Temptress Laird,” Lady Isabel Calvert must escape an asylum and convince her best friend’s brother, Douglas Kerr, to help her. As Douglas seeks a wife, he is surprised to find Isabel has transformed from a fiery temptress to a coy woman. Their complicated journey may just lead them both to the love they’ve been seeking.


Lady Isabel Calvert hides her true spirit from everyone, especially her best friend’s brother, Douglas, whom she secretly admires. Isabel’s older brother attempts to do the unthinkable and one night he almost succeeds. After the incident, her father’s superstition nature induces him to send her to an asylum. She must escape, her only hope—Douglas Kerr. Isabel is no shrinking violet, but she intends to be the timid woman all men want in the hope that Douglas will love her.. Laird Douglas Kerr is forlorn on his mission to find a wife. He was charming, wasn’t he? At least that’s what everyone teases him about. Douglas is asked by his sister to retrieve her friend, Isabel, the fiery, red-haired, cat-eyed, temptress he’d met when he escorted his sister home for their father’s burial. When he meets the woman again, he doesn’t find the hellion he believes her to be, but she’s become a sweet, coy woman who intrigues him. As Douglas’s life becomes complicated with mysterious happenings, he might also find the love he’s been missing all his life. Can this dagger-wielding woman win the heart of the charmer?