Claimed by Cupid: Curvy Girl/instant Love Short Novella

By (author)Autumn Hart

In “Claimed by Cupid,” a born matchmaker is thrown off her game by a mysterious man dressed as Cupid, leading to a steamy encounter that may result in her being claimed by love. This standalone novella in a paranormal series features a curvy girl and is heavy on smut, perfect for a quick and entertaining read.


She’s his to claim

I’m a born matchmaker. Some call it magic, but I call it love intuition. Valentine’s Day is usually my time to shine, but not this year. The hot, muscular man dressed like Cupid seems to be taking all my best matches with his little love arrows no one but I seem to notice. I need to confront him, but I can’t help but feel something when we’re near. If I don’t watch out, I’ll be Claimed by Cupid.

This is the third, stand-alone novella in a steamy paranormal series featuring hot mythical figures that know how to give a human woman a good time. This series can be read in any order as they are all separate stories that have no connection. This book features a curvy girl who falls in instant-love. 9,000 word short Novella. This is Heavy on Smut, short on plot. This is for entertainment purposes only. Read more Continue reading Read less