Claimed by the Claws

By (author)Laura Wylde

When a fling with a bad boy biker turns into a nightmare, a woman must navigate the rival motorcycle clubs and a dangerous secret to find peace in her life. Can she escape the chaos and find a way to move on from her past mistakes before it’s too late?


I swore off men. But my ex-boyfriend just wouldn’t leave me alone. It was a fling. I admit, I fell for a bad boy biker. I gave my innocence to Greg and I regret every last second of it. The only way I was going to have peace in my life was to escape this total creep. When Daxton, my old high school crush made a surprise appearance, things got really bad. Daxton was part of a rival motorcycle club. The tension between the two crews had gotten worse over the years. War was inevitable. And I was caught in the middle of it all. What made things worse was that Daxton and his gang were keeping a secret that would threaten to turn my whole life upside down.