Cold Fire

By (author)Marata Eros

In “Cold Fire,” the 10th novelette in the Dara Nichols series by Marata Eros, readers are in for a steamy and suspenseful ride as the protagonist, Darrell, fights to save his relationship with Zoe. With possessive streaks and fiery escapades, this 65-page story is sure to captivate adult audiences looking for an engaging erotica read.


Smart Erotica for Smart Readers!. Cold Fire, novelette 10 of the Dara Nichols series. Written by New York Times, USA TODAY and #1 Erotica bestseller, Marata Eros.. Zoe threatens to break it off with Darrell because he doesn’t have another firehouse escapade in the works. If he can’t bring it—she can’t stay.. Darrell brings out the big guns and it sends Zoe into a funk until Dara gives her a perfect foil for their stagnate love life. When Darrell’s possessive streak gets the best of him, he thinks he’ll show Zoe who’s boss. Instead, he receives way more than he bargained for.. Novelette-length. App. 65 pages. 18+ audience.