Composting for the Savvy Gardener: Including Hot and Cold Composting, Layer Mulching, Vermiculture and Bokashi

By (author)James Paris


Discover the exciting world of composting with this comprehensive guide! From hot and cold composting to vermicomposting and more, you’ll learn all the techniques to turn waste into valuable compost material. Join the organic vegetable growing revolution and enjoy healthier vegetables and lifestyles with the help of this book.


Composting Gold!

As the benefits regarding good composting practices, both for individuals and local authorities, becomes obvious with regard to abundant vegetables and reducing material going into land-fills; composting has become ‘sexy’ in a way that it has never been before.

Now city dwellers and country folks alike, keen to be a part of this “organic vegetable growing revolution” have embraced the concept of composting and as a result, healthier organic vegetables leading to healthier bodies and lifestyles are being enjoyed by many.

What you will find in this publication is an introduction to some of the most popular techniques used to convert waste organic matter into tremendous valuable composting material.

Seven different types and techniques are explored and explained including:

Hot and Cold Composting:

This chapter explains in layman’s terms just exactly what hot and cold composting actually means in practice.

Layer Composting:

Also known as lasagna composting, this technique is often used to control weeds as well as feed the plants with extra nutrients.

Bokashi Composting:

Normally dairy and meat products cannot be added to the compost heap owing to the risks posed by purification, not to mention flies and vermin! Not so with Bokashi – bring on the dairy!

Vermicomposting Composting with worms:

Worms may not be your thing – but there is no doubt that they do make excellent compost. Check out this article on how to get the best out of your worms in your own worm-farm compost.

Hugelkultur Composting:

Growing vegetables in a pile of old timbers and forest debris would not be possible if it were not for this unique method of composting.

Keyhole Composting:

Called such because of the shape of the growing area, Keyhole composting or gardening, is another unique and interesting method for making compost and growing vegetables at the same time

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