Corner House

By (author)Stephen Barnard

In the gripping novel ‘Corner House’ by Stephen Barnard, Gabriel Evers agrees to help his friend with a film project about the reclusive Farley family, but soon finds himself trapped in their sheltered world with a growing sense of dread and terror. As he delves deeper into their secrets, he must navigate loyalty, attraction, and the dark, unsettling truths hidden within the Corner House. This intense and suspenseful story will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.


Claustrophobic terror behind closed doors.. Three days, four max; that’s all Coop said it would be.. Gabriel Evers agrees to help his slacker friend with a university project: a short film documenting the sheltered lives of the reclusive Farley family. They live in the Corner House, and – apart from the father – they never leave, self-sufficient and safe from the horrors of the outside world.. But is Gabe safe from them? As he learns more and more about their peculiar routines and habits he cannot shake off the creeping sense of dread. Are the smiles real or hiding something more sinister? And what about the note left for him by one of the children? ‘Help me. Get me out of here.’. Torn between loyalty to his friend, his attraction to the eldest Farley daughter, and a desire to find out who it is that feels like a prisoner in their own home, Gabriel Evers journeys to the darkest of places without having to leave the confines of the Corner House.. Leave? Why would anyone want to leave?. A novel of suspense and intensifying horror, ‘Corner House’ will make you question whether home is truly where the heart is.. Praise for ‘Corner House’ by Stephen Barnard:“A riveting, compelling story that I kept thinking about long after I finished reading.”“…did not see that ending coming!”“The last section of the novel… is magnificent: outlandish but so well controlled and executed.”“I was absorbed and creeped out… This was a good read.”“Great story and the suspense is fantastic. It holds your attention right to the very end. I couldn’t put it down.”“Extremely well written, keeping you on your toes and guessing, right the way through to the very end. A dark intense novel, full of imagination and surprise.”“Would definitely put it up there with some of the best horror I have read recently and was very memorable.”“The suspense builds and builds to a shocking conclusion that doesn’t disappoint.”“Intriguing, fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable. Loved it.”