Crown of Hearts

By (author)Judith Lynne


In “Crown of Hearts”, Anthony’s mysterious past comes back to haunt him when brazen David Castle enters his life. As they embark on a journey together, they must navigate their differences and decide whether their relationship will lead to love or destruction in this sensual romance set in 1813 Britain. Join them on a rollercoaster ride of passion and suspense in this standalone novel filled with twists and turns.


Does Anthony’s lonely past doom him to a lonely future?He’s never breathed a word of who he was before he ran away from home. Now someone knows who he is. Worse, brazen David Castle knows what he likes.. Anthony’s survived by being what others want him to be. He’s given up on finding the grand passion of his dreams. The little girl he took under his wing so long ago has asked for just one more thing: to know the fate of her mother.. David Castle is a terrible rake behind that English rose complexion. He thinks taking his lumps is a fair exchange for having every indulgence Anthony doesn’t: family, neighbors, and pleasure wherever he can. He’s never left London before, but he’s always game for anything; how hard could it be?. When circumstances force Anthony to take David along, they’ll both have to decide what would be worse: if they killed each other along the way, or if they fell in love.. Crown of Hearts is a sensual romance between two very different men in 1813 Britain. It can be read as a standalone book, while containing references to events that happened in the previous three books. If you’re ready for a rollercoaster ride with these two fellows, take the plunge!