Cultivating a Missional Life: a 30-day Devotional to Gently Help You Open Your Heart, Home, and Life to Your Neighbors

By (author)Twyla Franz


“Cultivating a Missional Life” offers a simple and practical approach to building meaningful relationships with your neighbors, even for introverts and busy moms. Through 30 devotions, you’ll learn how to open your heart and home, with each section including key thoughts, prayers, and reflection questions to guide you on this transformative journey. This book is the gentle nudge you need to take intentional steps towards building a community and living a more fulfilling life.


Let’s start neighboring the uncomplicated way!Have you ever wished the people who live next to you were not just your neighbors, but your friends? The sort of friends who know the messy stuff and walk with you through it. Share meals, watch each other’s kids, generously lend tools, that ingredient you can’t cook dinner without, time.Maybe it doesn’t have to be complicated.Even for introverts.Those who close the garage door before getting out of the car.Long-timers who’ve never met their neighbors.Lonely moms with young kids and never-clean houses.Through these 30 bite-sized devotions, you’ll discover a simple and straightforward way to open your heart, home, and life to your neighbors. Learn how to let the work God is doing inside you overflow as you practice noticing, valuing, and connecting with your neighbors.It’s not too late to start from where you are because the direction is infinitely more important than the pace. Here is what some friends have to say about Cultivating a Missional Life:”Cultivating a Missional Life is the gentle guidance and heart work I needed to become a better neighbor. I can’t wait to return to this devotional often.” – Pamela H.”This is a grace-filled, thought-provoking devotional on missionary living that holds the readers hand while gently nudging them towards gospel sharing right where they are. Highly recommend it!” – Mariel D.”This book slows you down and draws you deeper. It is refreshing in that it doesn’t feel like another thing is added to your daily to-do list. Twyla’s words are laced with grace for the reader and full of a passion for the great commission to seem more doable in our everyday lives.” – Sherry H.”Reaching out to my neighbors has never come naturally to me, and I’ve always felt a little guilty about living among people I only wave to from my driveway. Cultivating A Missional Life has urged me to open the door to my heart and invite my neighbors in with simple, practical steps I’ve never considered before.” – Cindy S.”Twyla Franz has written what is not only a rich devotional for beginning the journey of missional living but is also a solid and rich reminder for all Jesus followers that his call is relational and everyday. I’m grateful for these 30 days and hope to journey through them with a small group soon.” – Michaela J.”I’m an introvert and homebody who can feel overwhelmed and intimidated by pursuing the people around me. In Twyla’s 30 day devotional, she does an excellent job of leading you, one baby step at a time, as you learn to live with an open door policy in your home and in your heart. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to take intentional steps toward pursuing others but just don’t know where to begin!” – Celia M. What’s inside the book?30 short devotions that each end with a key thought to remember, a prayer, and a question to ponder.5 book sections to show a roadmap of how the devotions build upon each other (Begin Within, Foundational Rhythms, Open My Eyes, Breaking Ground, and Momentum). Each section of the book ends with a Pause & Reflect Page. Included on these pages are a key concept, Scripture verses to consider, and an action step.Group study questions to foster community discussion of Cultivating a Missional LifeThe Uncommon Normal manifesto and instructions on where to download the free printable