Curated True Crime #1: Ritual Killers

By (author)Jamie Malton

Get ready to delve into the minds of ritual killers in Volume #1: Ritual Killers, where Jamie Malton and Aiden Galway bring you shocking true crime stories featuring twisted justifications, supernatural beliefs, and meticulous planning. From a young girl sacrificed to the devil to a mother who made soup from her victims, these cases will grip you from start to finish. If you’re a fan of true crime, get ready for 15 chilling stories that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Get your copy now for an intense and captivating read.


Amazon best-selling and Firebird True Crime award-winning author Jamie Malton, in collaboration with new author Aiden Galway, have created a new True Crime series of specially curated stories that each carry a common theme.In Volume #1: Ritual Killers we look into the minds of criminals who formed their own justifications for committing the ultimate act of murder. These killers were compelled to repeatedly follow their personal rituals before, during, and after crimes. Many believing they were protected by supernatural forces, some trying to re-live a sick memory, and others were cunning and methodical planners avoiding detection.. Read how detectives and forensic science identified, tracked down, and convicted some of the worst offenders known, many of whom you will have never heard about before.. Volume #1 includes . . .Blonde, Blue-Eyed Virgin: A 15-year-old girl from Arroyo Grande, California, met with three boys under the guise of friendship. Unbeknownst to her, these boys had very sinister intentions – they aimed to sacrifice her to the devil due to her perceived resemblance to the Virgin Mary.The Witch’s Cauldron: After a warning from a fortune teller that all of her children would die, Leonarda embarked on a series of ritual murders where she made soup and candy from the bodies of her victims – all in the belief it would protect her children.A Studied Killer: A state trooper in Texas made a routine traffic stop. While speaking to the driver he became suspicious and looked in the trunk of the car. He found a ski mask, firearm, and the phone of a missing teenage girl. He didn’t realize he had also just found an elusive serial killer who had been on a rampage for over a decade.. . plus 12 more shocking, true crime murder storiesIf you enjoy gripping true crime stories, you’ll love Curated True Crime.A Word of WarningThe explicit details of these murders come directly from eyewitness accounts, interviews, police reports, court transcripts, crime scenes, and autopsy reports. They contain disturbing facts that may not be suitable for all readers.. Get it now with 1 click.