Daddy: Short Spicy Monster Romance W a Western Twist

By (author)Liz Shipton

In the steamy small town of Skull Rock, Loretta Lee is on a mission to track down the Varmint she believes killed her father, only to discover a surprising twist about him. With a mix of western tropes and enemies-to-lovers romance, this Father’s Day standalone is a lighthearted read with a spicy kick, perfect for a quick escape any time of year. Join the mishmash of genres and off-the-wall romance in this series of 12 short standalone instaloves set during different holidays throughout the year, with the promise of a sexy hockey shifter rom-com starring the Easter bunny.


Daddy was a monster.When bodies start showing up in the desert town of Skull Rock, Loretta Lee takes it upon herself to track down the Varmint she thinks is responsible – the same Varmint that killed her Pop one year ago.But when she finally catches up with Daddy, she discovers he may not be the monster she thought he was.Or is he…?. From the author:This is a steamy, lighthearted, standalone Father’s Day romance you can read in under 60 minutes, at any time of year! I go for QUALITY over QUANTITY when it comes to spice, and I rate my chili peppers at about a 3-4.. You’ll find the following tropes:. HFN endingclaws, tail, spurswestern settingbadass womanenemies-to-loversgrumpy/sunshineplot twist. About the Series. Small town apocalypses? Dystopian billionaires? Fae mafia bosses? How about hockey playing shifters? A Greek god desperately in need of a nanny?. You may ask, “Why?” This series of steamy holiday instaloves asks, “Why not?” Why not a mishmash of genres? Why not funny, off-the-wall romance with hot spice and big heart? Why not a sexy hockey shifter rom-com starring the Easter bunny?. Inside these 12 books, you’ll find 12 short standalone instaloves, each set during a different holiday in every month of the year.. “Even August?” I hear you asking.. Yes, friend. Even August.. “But there isn’t even a holiday in Aug—”. Don’t worry about it. It’s gonna be fine. I have, like, eight months to figure that out. Just start at December, and we’ll all be fine. Okay?. Okay.