Danny Orlis and the Boy Who Would Not Listen

By (author)Bernard Palmer


In this gripping story, Danny and Rick try to persuade Ken to accept Jesus, but his stubborn rebellion leads to a string of dangerous incidents. As Ken’s reckless behavior catches up to him, tragedy strikes, proving that he may not have as much time as he thinks. Will Ken listen to the message before it’s too late?


Listening is often hard to do, especially when you want to do something that you should not. Danny and Rick witness to Ken Meyer about accepting Jesus as his Savior, but Ken doesn’t listen. He says he has plenty of time to do that later. Ken finds himself in trouble again and again because of his stubborn rebellion. A dog nearly drowns in icy water; a fishing boat almost sinks, and Ken runs his boat into a dock. Ken doesn’t have “plenty of time later” to make things right with Jesus. Instead, his careless ways catch up with him, and tragedy strikes.