Dark Roots

By (author)Lucius Valiant


Step into the world of professional Hunter, Harlan Thorne, as he uncovers long-held secrets, ancient vendettas, and a looming resurrection at Thornhill Mansion in “Dark Roots”, the debut novel from author Lucius Valiant. With a wry twist of humor and spine-tingling suspense, this is just the first installment in the Thornhill Vampire Chronicles that you won’t want to miss.


Harlan Thorne is a professional Hunter.When a solicitor approaches him on behalf of a client facing an unspecified vampire problem, he cannot turn away. But from the moment he steps into the imposing Thornhill Mansion, perched above the hallowed grounds of Highgate Cemetery West, reality itself begins to warp.Harlan soon finds himself swept up in a cyclone of long-held secrets, ancient vendettas, ghostly whispers, and a looming resurrection that demands blood – in abundance.As Harlan unravels the mysteries of Thornhill Mansion and its inhabitants, he unearths buried truths about his own lineage. The deeper he digs, the more he realizes: his fate is hopelessly entangled with the Thornhills’.“Dark Roots” is the debut novel from Danish-British author Lucius Valiant. Sumptuously dark with a wry twist of humor, it’s the first spine-tingling installment in the Thornhill Vampire Chronicles.