Dark Thief: a Savage Worlds Novella

By (author)Melissa Riddell

Fala must use her dagger and courage to survive an alien invasion and escape from a ruthless Henokan soldier. But as they struggle for dominance, suspicions arise about her allegiance, leaving the outcome uncertain. Will she escape, or will her captor claim her as his own?


Surviving an alien abduction demands a sharp dagger and an iron heart. It’s too bad she only has one these…

Caught in an alien invasion aftermath, Fala fights for survival armed with only a dagger and unyielding courage. Traveling through the woods on a food run, she’s captured by a colossal, ruthless Henokan soldier.

Fala is determined to escape, while her captor is determined to claim her as his own, disregarding the suspicion she might be allied with the Henokan archenemies, the Baltins.

Can she escape his cruel cage? Can he break free from her courageous heart? Read more Continue reading Read less