Darkness on the Horizon: Morgan Fischer #1

Escape into a masterful coming-of-age thriller filled with heart-pounding horror and emotional depth. Follow Morgan as he navigates small-town torment, discovers dark secrets, and faces a mysterious stranger, all while summoning the courage to fight for survival.


A masterful, coming-of-age thriller with emotional depth and heart-pounding horror.

“A dark and gritty debut… with all the panache of a seasoned author. My cup of blood runneth over… and it’s brilliant.”—READERS’ FAVORITE

Morgan Fischer wants to graduate high school and escape small-town Colby, Pennsylvania. Since the death of his mother, childhood friends have become his tormentors, and his father has become an absent and neglectful alcoholic.

During the summer, Morgan develops a friendship with the new residents in town, Ava and Jonathan. They give Morgan the loving attention and guidance he doesn’t receive at home. As their bond deepens, he learns the older siblings’ dark secret, and because of his love for them, it’s a secret he promises to keep.

A series of murders rattle the small town. The arrival of a mysterious stranger from Ava and Jonathan’s past threatens danger. When the threat becomes too great, Morgan is thrust into a world of deception and murder. Faced with a new reality, Morgan must summon the courage to fight and survive or die trying.