Dawn That Brings Death: Ghostly Mystery Thriller Suspense

By (author)Addison Michael

Join Paige Deffer as she navigates her dangerous past and uncertain future in Dawn That Brings Death, the thrilling second book in A Mynart Mystery Thriller series. Faced with a deranged killer and haunted by her past, Paige must fight for her life and her daughter’s as she takes on a new job in the Police Service of Winnipeg. If you love twisty plots and heart-stopping suspense, you won’t be able to put down Addison Michael’s gripping new novel.


Paige Deffer is on the run and alone, leaving two men for dead at the Mynart Murder House. The only thing that matters more than her own survival is her daughter’s. . To redeem her bad choices, Paige takes a job in the most unlikely place of all, the Police Service of Winnipeg. As she helps the police hunt down killers, Paige finds herself haunted by a ghost of her past and struggles to adapt to her new life. Meanwhile, she reunites with James, a handsome friend from her childhood. She quickly wonders if she can trust someone new with her secrets. WhenPaige is plagued with a deranged killer who will do anything to stop her from learning his identity, she must fight for her life and the life of her daughter. Will they survive another day when confronted with the Dawn That Brings Death?. Dawn That Brings Death is the gripping book two in A Mynart Mystery Thriller series. If you like unreliable narrators, paranormal plot twists, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, you’ll love the second story in Addison Michael’s page-turning series.. Pick up Dawn That Brings Death to continue this unputdownable new series today!

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