Deadly Neighbors: a Murder Mystery

By (author)K.M. Becker

In this gripping murder mystery, best friends Callie and Sarah team up with Detective Rowen to solve a series of unexplained deaths in their neighborhood. With an abundance of suspects and bodies piling up, the only certainty is that they are in danger. Join them on a thrilling journey filled with suspense and unusual suspects to uncover the truth behind the killings.


Just when long time best friends Callie and Sarah thought things couldn’t get weirder in their neighborhood, people had to go and start dying. With no clue who’s doing it or how, they’ll have to team up with the hunky Detective Rowen to figure it all out.. Jack has seen a lot in his career, but this case might just take the cake. With far too many suspects, unknown methods of murder and bodies piling up, the only thing he’s certain about is that Callie and Sarah are in danger. And he’s just the man to keep them safe. If only Callie would give him a chance to get close enough that is. It’s a good thing he likes a challenge and always gets his man… or woman.. Dive into this murder mystery, filled with unusual suspects and page turning suspense to find out just whodunit and why.

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