Deep Downstream: Tales from the Shallow Abyss

By (author)Michael Honn


Experience seven chilling tales of everyday horror, from mysterious disappearances to encounters with the supernatural. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Jeff Lindsay, this anthology will keep you on the edge of your seat. Get ready to explore the darker side of life, just in time for Halloween.


Seven short stories of everyday horror. From dry deserts to lakeside chills. To the downward depths of humanity and back. An anthology showcasing the darker sides of life.

For fans of legacy authors like Stephen King and Jeff Lindsay, comes a cluster of horror laden life experiences, their close proximity tucked away in the shadow of the subconscious. Kept at bay only by pure luck and happenstance. Stories for those who have grown tired of mindless slashers, endless jump scares, and boring gore fests.Just in time for the spooky season of Halloween 2023, come feel the experiences of the characters within. But be careful, because the darkness follows closely. No clowns, serial killers, or heavy gore, but something much more dark and sinister, creeping just below the surface where shallow water lies.

1. A sibling suddenly loses their sister in a giant freezer, will she ever return?
2. Meredith just wants to nail her upcoming Zoom interview, but encounters a wrong place at the wrong time moment on steroids. It follows her home.
3. A troubled young man lying in a local hospital bed becomes a magnet for one of the seven gates of hell, opened up unknowingly by his roommate at the Devil’s hour.
4. Jade is just a college aged Lyft driver, who encounters a passenger that gives her much more than she originally bargained for. A chemical ride and the delivery of forbidden cargo.
5. A regional debt collection law firm lets little life slip through their iron grasp, but will the next knock at the door be their last?
6. Little Timmy Harris ventures too far out into the wilderness with his Boy Scout troop, and becomes one with something sinister sleeping deep below the soil.
7. A man dressed in the most subtle, gentle, all encompassing black engulfs the lack of life before him, a feeding frenzy up close in slow motion. Darkness in the bright desert.

These tales can be found lurking deep within the following pages. Everyday life colliding with the unimaginable. Will you venture inside? Or wander too far out?

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