Designs on Ivy’s Locket: a Gripping Suspense Novel

By (author)Connie Chappell

Enter the world of historian-for-hire Wrenn Grayson as she takes on a cold case involving a stolen locket and a web of suspects. Filled with intrigue and suspense, “Designs on Ivy’s Locket” is a gripping mystery that will have readers on the edge of their seats until the very end. For fans of Sue Grafton and Louise Penny, this standalone novel by Connie Chappell is a must-read.


SILVER MEDAL READERS’ FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS FICTION-MYSTERY-GENERAL”The detective’s one-of-a-kind process will have readers flipping pages.” –Best ThrillersHistorian-for-hire Wrenn Grayson takes on a difficult client in Kerry St. John. Kerry seeks justice for his great-grandfather’s lifelong heartache. Wrenn meets the renowned jeweler through words recorded in his tattered journal. The year is 1946. He writes from the tiny crossroads of Wyatt, Ohio, about the theft of a treasured locket and the identity of three possible suspects.. The cold case heats up when Lori Hammond arrives. The stolen locket was discovered among her mother’s possessions after her death. Lori refuses to return it to the St. John family, so Wrenn sets out to follow the locket’s path through history. Next, Lori is attacked and Kerry accused. If Kerry’s not guilty, then who is? That question sends cold whispers from the past down Wrenn’s spine.. In Designs on Ivy’s Locket, Connie Chappell focuses on the theme of parents and children, separated by death, by theft, and by design.. Fans of Sue Grafton, Anthony Horowitz, J.A. Jance, and Louise Penny will love this gripping mystery by Connie Chappell.Purchase now! All Wrenn Grayson mysteries are standalone books and can be read in any order.