Detective Square Bear and the Trouble on the Train

By (author)Terry White


Embark on an exciting adventure with “Detective Square Bear and the Trouble on the Train,” as he solves a puzzling mystery while riding to work. Children aged 2-6 will love following along with colorful illustrations and playful rhyming text, as Detective Square Bear uses persistence and problem-solving to crack the case. Get ready for unexpected discoveries in this captivating journey!


Embark on an adventure with “Detective Square Bear and the Trouble on the Train,” the perfect picture book for children aged 2-6. Join our lovable hero, Detective Square Bear, as he solves a confounding mystery while riding the train to work.. 📖 Storyline: Just when Detective Square Bear thought he could enjoy a simple train ride to work, duty calls! Nurse Frog’s precious ring has vanished, and it’s up to our fuzzy detective to crack the case. With colorful illustrations and a playful rhyming text, children will love following along as Detective Bear inspects, questions, and searches for clues. It’s a journey of persistence, problem-solving, and unexpected discoveries!. Detective Square Bear got his ticket and looked for a seat,. But soon after he sat down there came a loud shriek.. “Stand back, stand back, I’m Detective Square Bear.. It was nurse Frog who had made the yelp, “My ring has been stolen, Detective Bear please help!”. Coming soon in the Detective Square Bear Series:Detective Square Bear Series and the Pee-Pee ProblemDetective Square Bear Series and the Great Cookie Mystery