Dig for Your Dinner in February: Growing Your Meals, One Month At a Time


Experience a lush and abundant garden all year round with the Dig for Your Dinner eBooks. Packed with monthly growing guides, seasonal chores, harvest tips, and delicious recipes tied directly to what’s abundant in your garden, these books are perfect for novice and master gardeners alike. Whether you have a small space, large scale, or container garden, these eBooks will ensure you’re ready to Dig for Your Dinner every month.


Every gardener knows the importance of a single month in the garden. 30 days can be the lifespan of a plant, the difference between a lush green garden bed and a frost covered wasteland, the tilt from impatient plant watcher to abundant harvester. A month can completely change the landscape in your garden, so we’ve broken down the gardening process month-by-month.. With the Dig for Your Dinner eBooks, you’ll have fingertip access to monthly growing guides, seasonal gardening chores, timely harvest tips, and recipes tied directly to what is abundant in your garden. You’ll learn about everything from succession planting to straw bale gardening; long-term seed storage to efficient crop rotation. Each month will give you tips on not only what to plant and what to harvest, but how to plant and how to harvest. The books are packed with delicious seasonal recipes, canning how-tos, and easy DIY gardening projects.. The monthly format allows the novice gardener to bite off gardening in small pieces, not overwhelming chunks while the master gardener will glean new information from a seasoned gardener who has years of experience in all aspects of gardening: small-space, large scale, square foot, pallet, greenhouse, container gardening and more. Regardless of your experience level or the type of garden you are working, these eBooks ensure that, each month, you’ll be ready to Dig for Your Dinner.