Dinosaur Friends – Saving Conifer’s Eggs

By (author)Lois Wickstrom


“Spike and Conifer find themselves facing a forest fire, but Conifer is faced with a dilemma as she must protect her eggs. With quick thinking and teamwork, the two friends come up with a plan to escape using a fallen tree as their raft. Join them on this thrilling adventure in this heartwarming children’s book!”


Spike and Conifer smell smoke and know they must leave the forest. But Conifer is sitting on her eggs. She has three eggs and only two hands. When she lifts her nest, she must walk carefully so they don’t clack together. Spike is impatient and swings his tail back and forth. He knocks down a Ginko tree. The two friends decide to take the fallen tree to the river and use it to float away from the fire.