Disturb Not the Dream

By (author)Paula Trachtman

Experience the perfect summer retreat at Mulberry, a three-story Victorian in the Hamptons, until the Bradley family begins to encounter the chilling local legend of a past murder in the house. As they indulge in beach days and cocktail parties, sinister forces begin to uncover shocking secrets and draw the family towards a terrifying night of bloodshed. Don’t disturb the dream in this gripping psychological thriller.


WHAT DREAMS MAY COME… Mulberry is a three-story Victorian in the Hamptons, the perfect summer retreat for the Bradley family. Forty years ago a family was murdered in the house. Now, the bloodstains have been washed away, and the grisly killings are just a chilling local legend. But something unseen still waits in the shadowed hallways and antique furnished bedrooms. For psychiatrist Bert Bradley, his wife Alice, budding teens Stacey and Richard, and innocent five year old Lissie, the summer begins with days at the beach and neighborhood cocktail parties. But all is not right in Mulberry. The cellar door won’t stay closed. Lissie wakes screaming with night terrors. Strange, vivid dreams spread like a contagion to all the Bradleys. The sins of the past have never left Mulberry; they are slowly spinning a web around the unsuspecting family. Shocking secrets will soon be revealed and the innocent will be drawn inexorably towards a night of terrifying bloodshed. DISTURB NOT THE DREAM