Donkey Dell: a No & Won’t Book from Stubborn to Strong

By (author)Jaybie D.


Donkey Dell’s refusal to conform to society’s expectations leads him to a thrilling adventure in the circus. After getting lost and finding a new perspective, Dell joins the circus crew, mastering tightropes and hula hoops. When disaster strikes during the grand finale, Dell must use his determined strengths in an unexpected and inspiring way. Join Dell on his exhilarating journey in “Donkey Dell and the Circus Adventure.”


Donkey Dell’s expressive snorts and unyielding glares showcase a personality unafraid to embrace his unique preferences. The idea of carrying bags or tending to chores is met with unwavering refusal – “NO WAY!” Instead, Dell finds joy in cartwheels, flea-like hops, and time with friends beneath his beloved tree.. After getting lost one day and learning a new perspective, Dell sets off on an adventure that leads him to a circus. Entranced by the performers’ feats and the magical ambiance, Dell is so inspired that he JOINS THE CREW! . Balancing on tightropes, mastering hula hoops, and more, Dell embraces the thrill of the circus ring. However, as the circus reaches its grand finale – DISASTER STRIKES! Join Dell as he channels his determined strengths in an unexpected and inspiring way.