Down a Crooked Path

By (author)Dorothy Gable

In Down A Crooked Path, James is betrayed and imprisoned by a cartel in Central America, facing a desperate fight for survival. As he grapples with skepticism, faith, and the treacherous path back home, this Christian Suspense novel will keep you on the edge of your seat. Join James on his harrowing test of faith and survival – buy now to witness his incredible journey!


Running for his life, betrayed by his friend, and imprisoned by the cartel . . . James needs a divine intervention to make it back home.It was supposed to be a simple sting operation. A quick trip to Acapulco, expose the bad guy, and be home in a week—before the end of spring break.But that’s not what happened. James doesn’t make it home.Imprisoned in a Central American cartel drug-processing camp, James was locked in a cage with other teens, with no prospects of escape. James is convinced they must take matters into their own hands if they hope to make it out alive, but one of the other prisoners believes there is another option.Amidst the danger, Larry’s steadfast faith and Bible tales promise a different path—not just toward freedom, but toward faith.Skepticism clouds James’s mind, dismissing Larry’s fervent stories as myths—until he realizes his own strength is not enough. Can God actually liberate them? Can the prisoners endure the treacherous path back home? The clock is ticking. Soon, James will discover the truth.Perfect for fans of Lynette Eason, Davis Bunn, and C.C. Warrens, Down A Crooked Path: Book I in the Down a Crooked Path Trilogy is Christian Suspense sure to keep the pages turning!Buy now to witness James’ harrowing test of faith and survival!