Dragon Warrior’s Captured Princess: Dragon Shifter Romance

By (author)Amelia Wilson

In “Dragon Warrior’s Captured Princess,” Faith’s life takes a thrilling turn when she discovers shifters are real and meets a mysterious dragon shifter who rescues her. Aiden, bound by a debt and duty, finds himself unexpectedly falling in love with Faith as he protects her. Experience the excitement and passion of their story firsthand in this captivating book.


He was bound by blood and fire to rescue her, but soon he was bound by love.. FaithI never know my father.My mother dies when I am fourteen.I am cared for by a mysterious foundation.They pay for my education and ensure I will never want for anything.But who are they, and why am I so special?Then I am attacked.And I learn that shifters are real.I am rescued by a mysterious stranger who hides a powerful secret.He’s a shifter as well, not just any shifter, a dragon!Can I have a future with a creature as wonderful as him?. AidenLike all dragons, I prefer to remain secluded.But I owe a debt.By blood and fire, I am bound.I cannot refuse.The girl is perfect.She is the kind of woman one meets only once in a lifetime.She is in danger.I am charged with her protection.But I do not expect to fall in love with her.How can I reconcile my desire with my responsibility?. Buy Dragon Warrior’s Captured Princesstoday and experience the excitement and passion firsthand!