Dredging Up Spirits: a Paranormal Psychic Crime Thriller With a Touch of Romance

By (author)Ruth Corvin

Delilah Danu, a psychic with a knack for finding the truth, must track down her missing father and navigate the dark family secrets he left behind. As she unravels the mystery, she faces threats from small town thugs, a secretive cousin, and even the ghost of her six-year-old sister. If you’re ready for a fast-paced thrill ride of murder, suspense, and the supernatural, Dredging Up Spirits is the perfect book for you. Get your copy today and dive into this gripping psychic suspense series.


A psychic must find her missing father after helping him cover up a decade’s old crime… Delilah Danu has always tried to stay on the honest side of her family’s salvage business. But when her father asks for help with a little side job, how can she refuse, especially when he has a heart attack half-way through it and needs someone to cover his tracks.All too soon, he disappears, leaving only a hint of dark family secrets better left submerged in the past.But Delilah’s not the only one looking for her father. Two small town thugs are asking questions, her favorite (and only) cousin is keeping secrets, and her long time boyfriend, the chief of police, is hot on the case.To make matters worse, the ghost of her six-year old sister is still trying to kill her.Now she has to cover up not only her family’s skeletons, but a few of her own, as well.Dredging Up Spirits is the first book of the Delilah Danu Psychic Suspense series and can be read as a standalone. For a fast paced ride of murder and suspense, with serial killers, spirits and a touch of the supernatural, scroll up to get your copy today!