Dust: Special Edition

By (author)T. Nelson Taylor

In DUST — Special Edition, Dr. Christopher Miller, a Silicon Valley biomechanics engineer, becomes a target for those seeking his breakthrough semiconductor technology. This sci-tech adventure delves into nanotechnology, neuroscience, and global intrigue, turning the engineer’s world upside down.


DUST — Special EditionUpdated and Enhanced with New Scenes!. Dr. Christopher Miller is a celebrated Silicon Valley biomechanics engineer, and he operates on the cutting edge of breakthrough semiconductor technology, blissfully unaware of those who will stop at nothing to acquire it.Until now …. A sci-tech adventure, DUST embodies the very essence of popular conspiracy lore. Exploring advanced nanotechnology, neuroscience, Native American mysticism, international organized crime, military special operations, secret societies, world religion, and paranormality, it seems nothing is out-of-bounds in T. Nelson’s global intrigue.And then there’s Xeno …. In the San Jose suburb of Cupertino, a celebrated engineer, his daughter, and a clandestine operative assigned to monitor them, have their worlds turned inside out.