Easy Kids Breakfast: Quick Healthy Breakfast Recipes

By (author)Debbie Madson

This cookbook is packed with over 40 quick and healthy breakfast recipes tailored specifically for kids, perfect for busy school mornings or family weekends. With categories like “Hurry to School Breakfast” and “Freezer Breakfast Recipes,” kids can learn to cook with minimal help and feel more independent, making breakfast time a breeze for everyone. Say goodbye to morning stress and hello to delicious, hassle-free breakfasts with this must-have cookbook!


****Please note our paperback book doesn’t include pictures within the cookbook to reduce printing costs. 53 pages, sized 6×9 paperbackEasy Kids Breakfast- Quick Healthy Breakfast Recipes. As by the name, this cookbook covers some delicious and mouthwatering breakfast recipes targeted toward kids. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as you are breaking the fast after along night’s sleep. Kids can be pickier than adults and always want something that looks appetizing as well as tastes great.. Most of the recipes in this cookbook are kid friendly and some need little assistance from parents. Provide your kids the opportunity to learn to cook breakfast with your supervision. It will help them feel more independent and can help you get rolling out of the house each morning.. There are over 40 recipes in this cookbook divided into the following categories: Hurry to school breakfast -recipes that can be prepared in a few minutes when kids are rushing to school Recipes that can be prepared by younger chefs with little or no assistance Freezer breakfast recipes- just reheat and eat meals Delicious weekend recipes that may take a little more time to prepareWe hope this book will help you start cooking breakfast before rushing off to school, work or taking a leisurely weekend family breakfast together.