Ella and the Elf: a Reimagined Cinderella

By (author)Anabelle Raven


In “Ella and the Elf,” a reimagined Cinderella story, Ella, a wealthy merchant’s daughter, and Altair, an Elf Prince, must navigate a world of power, magic, and destiny as they become unlikely allies in a dangerous game. With a mix of action, romance, and fantasy, this standalone fairy tale promises a thrilling, high-stakes adventure for readers who love unique twists on classic tales.


He is an Elf Prince. She is a human. Can they save a kingdom together, or will their love endanger everyone around them?

Ella’s father is a wealthy merchant, but his deal with the king could destroy centuries of peace.

Altair’s mother is a cruel Elf Queen, but she is powerful enough that nobody dares challenge her.

Ella and Altair never should have met, but when they do a chain of events begins to grow bigger than anyone would have guessed. It swallows up lives and changes destinies. Who will live? Who will die? Who will love? Who will rule? And how can a rose change the fate of kings?

Ella and the Elf is a fast-paced, reimagined Cinderella story with elves, magic, unique twists, and fun characters. The slow-burn, sweet-romance is perfect for readers who like books by authors like K.M. Shea and Tara Grayce. Action, suspense, high stakes, and fantasy romance come together in this brand new fairy tale that is perfect for both adults and young adults!

This is a standalone fairy tale with a Happily Ever After ending. Read more Continue reading Read less