Endless Crimson: a Post-apocalyptic Dark Fantasy Romance

By (author)Kova Killian

In this captivating kindle book, Evin embarks on an arduous journey home, seven years after her world transformed into a vast desert. Along the way, she encounters strange creatures and receives unexpected help from an intimidating war fairy, as she desperately searches for her family amidst the unforgiving sands of Death Valley and the dazzling lights of Las Vegas.


Twenty-seven days is how long it should have taken Evin to get home to find her brother and dad after the world turned into an angry ocean of beige sand.

Seven years, strange creatures, rifle training, and a puppy is how long it actually took to find anything familiar.


She can get to Death Valley and can get home that way.

But she finds herself fighting her way through until she meets an unlikely ally.

A war fairy.

An intimidating, weapon smithing healer who makes it his job to help her find her way to her family again.

If only it were that easy.