Error Message Eyes Release 3.0: Machines That Think

By (author)Keith P. Graham

Discover 23 far-out science fiction stories, 9 thought-provoking essays on artificial intelligence, and 36 boundary-pushing computer art images in this captivating collection. Filled with robots, intelligent computers, and out-of-control programs, Keith Graham’s work challenges the limits of technology and creativity, leaving even established science fiction writers in awe.


23 far-out stories from the technical edge of Science Fiction.9 essays on the nature and future of artificial intelligence.36 images that push the limits of computer art.Robots – Intelligent Computers – Cybernetic Algorithms – Programming – Smart Machines – Out of Control Programs. Quite Good – Rudy Rucker, Author of Wetware. Science fiction writers are dismayed to discover that Keith Graham may actually know what he’s talking about when writing about science. This cannot go on. Also, as he’s a good writer, this makes him an additional problem. We may have to have him taken out. John Shirley, author of Black Glass