Every Other Thursday Night : a Later in Life Age Gap Romance

By (author)Marielle Snowe

In this steamy and suspenseful tale, Lyza embarks on a tantalizing journey of lust and longing after a mischievous friend drags her to an epic Valentine’s Day event. Sparks fly between Lyza and the family doctor, Carey Porter, but will past hurts prevent them from taking a chance on something extraordinary? If you love passionate stories about chasing love later in life, you’ll be captivated by Lyza’s provocative and wanton journey.


While Lyza longs to be the brazen, enchanting flirt she was before tragedy struck and she lost her beloved soulmate, she never dreamed that a mischievous match-making friend would drag her out to an epic Valentine’s Day event.Heather hoped to make up for exposing an explicit story Lyza wrote starring her family doctor, Carey Porter.Little does Lyza know this steamy event will start a tantalizing journey full of hurt and longing as she attempts to move on from the haunting memory of her devoted husband, Nate. Sparks fly between Carey and Lyza, tossing them both into unexpected realms.Can Lyza leave it at the sultry one-night stand she came out for? Will Dr. Porter allow her to slip away?With skeletons in both of their closets, Lyza and Carey are lonely in different ways but old enough to know better than to expose their hearts for mere desire.But will those walls built up by past hurts keep them from taking a risk on something extraordinary?If you enjoy passionate and suspenseful books about chasing the hope for lust, passion, and love later in life, then you’ll surely enjoy Lyza’s wanton journey in this provocative tale.