Exostar: a Space Adventure for Teens

By (author)Rae Knightly

Discover the thrilling universe of EXOSTAR, Book 1 in The Lost Space Treasure Series. Join a determined young android on an epic quest through alien civilizations in this award-winning, action-packed sci-fi adventure perfect for space enthusiasts of all ages. Will Trinket uncover her true identity and beat the evil Supreme Leader to the galaxy’s greatest treasure?


IS SHE ANDROID OR MORTAL?. “This riveting SF adventure will delight readers.” — KIRKUS REVIEWS”A gem of a book for sci-fi lovers.” — READERS’ FAVORITE”Nail-biting action and a courageous robot girl power this middle grade SF thriller.” — BOOKLIFECIBA 2023 Gertrude Warner Awards for Middle-Grade Fiction – GRAND PRIZE WINNER2023 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards SILVER MEDAL2023 Wishing Shelf Book Awards FINALIST. A piece-of-scrap. That’s how the townsfolk on Trinket’s planet label her. The twelve-year-old is determined to prove that she’s more than just a discarded android, but her prosthetic leg and blue veins in her hands make her wonder about her true identity. Trinket knows that she must get off-world before the cruel and powerful Remnants send her to the scrap yard, but things take a turn for the worse when the Remnant Supreme Leader discovers her existence.. Trinket could be the key to a lost spaceship that is rumored to hold the greatest hoard of gems in the galaxy, and the Supreme Leader wants it. As the alien civilizations of the Magnus Star Cluster wake up to the possibility that the legendary treasure exists, a frantic hunt for the lost spaceship – and its key – pits Trinket against an enemy that will stop at nothing to get what they want.. To uncover the truth about her identity, Trinket must confront the evil Supreme Leader or get to the treasure first. But what if the truth is too shocking to bear?. Award-winning author Rae Knightly presents EXOSTAR, Book 1 in The Lost Space Treasure Series, which thrusts a young girl into a universe full of alien civilizations and an epic hunt to uncover the greatest treasure of all. This witty upper middle-grade science fiction story with a cast of unforgettable characters is perfect for the space explorers of tomorrow and fans of Alita, The Prometheus Project, Hana Hsu, and Dragon Pearl. Ideal for readers aged 10+.. “A gripping first installment to what promises to be an epic space opera saga for kids and young adults.”— READERS’ FAVORITE”An Astonishing Space Travel Adventure!” Giselle Schneider, author of Wands Upon a Time ★★★★★”A spirited science fiction novel and a must-read for fans of Star Wars and space operas!” Mahtab Narsimhan, author of Eerie Tales from the East ★★★★★”A fun space opera sci-fi adventure for 10+ years old.” ★★★★★”Intended younger audience, yet still highly entertaining for adult readers as well.” ★★★★★”If your a space-nerd or like anything space-related then I suggest you buy this book!!!” ★★★★★