Fault Lines

By (author)Shane Morton

Descante Drive in the Hollywood Hills is the setting for a scandalous tale of secrets, lies, and red carpet drama. Join drag goddess Ursula Moolay and her neighbors as they navigate sex tapes, earthquakes, and even murder, all while struggling to keep their own dark truths hidden. Will they survive the chaos of LA’s fault lines, or will they be consumed by the scandals that surround them?


Descante Drive- Hollywood Hills- Drag goddess, Ursula Moolay, finds herself surrounded by a group of neighbors with their own secrets and lies. Enter the world of red carpet meltdowns, sex tapes, shopping with drag queens, earthquakes, mortgages and murder. A daytime Soap stud hiding in the Hollywood closet. A reality television producer prepared to destroy his himbo star. An aging showgirl- the complex’s mother hen, fighting to survive. A married male escort desperately hiding his profession from his pregnant wife. And finally, Ursula, pulled into a terrifying ordeal of drugs, murder, and deception as she grapples with her own identity. Can they survive or will they each fall into the cracks of LA’s fault lines?