Feelings Detective : Searching for Feelings Clues

By (author)Dane Furfaro


In “Feelings Detective: Searching for Feelings Clues”, join Dylan Maddox on an engaging journey to help their friends manage their big emotions. With beautiful illustrations and fun rhymes, this book teaches kids to notice feelings clues and use strategies to regulate their emotions, promoting emotional awareness and healthy coping mechanisms. An excellent addition to any home library or social emotional toolbox.


Dylan Maddox are on the search for feelings clues. Join them as they help their friends learn how to notice and manage their big feelings!. Feelings Detective: Searching for Feelings Clues is the second book in the Feelings Detective series.. While the first book in the series introduced the importance of self-awareness (a critical element in being able to navigate emotions), this book uses beautiful illustrations and fun rhymes to teach kids to notice feelings clues and use different strategies to regulate their emotions and energy levels.. Emotional awareness allows us to meet our needs and make intentional choices rather than just reacting.. This book and companion activity teach kids to notice their emotional needs and practice meeting their needs by using strategies to regulate up and down as needed.Key Features:Engaging story that children will ask to read againBeautiful, page turning illustrationsPromotes strategies to deal with BIG emotions in a healthy wayBonus companion activity (printable activity sheets)The second book in the Feelings Detective series will make an excellent addition to your home library or your social emotional toolbox!