Fight Fire With Fire: Kitten Prequel

By (author)Char Dafoe


In “Fight Fire with Fire,” Rae’s past as a Savage Scorpion comes back to haunt her, threatening the life she’s built with the Dark Angels. As she prepares to confront her previous president, she’s surprised to find unexpected help from an outsider. This wild ride is full of heart, emotion, and plenty of action, promising an engrossing and thrilling read.


Running from her nightmare eleven years prior has finally caught up with Rae. Life as a Savage Scorpion, a cold-blooded killing gang member was her past, leading the respectable Dark Angels club is her future, and Ruby, the emerald-eyed woman who shares her bed has her heart. After a random encounter with the president of the Savage Scorpions, Rae instantly prepares for a fight to protect everything good in her life from the man who stripped away her dignity. Now, he’s back, and she’s sure she knows exactly what he wants — her guns and her. No longer that young woman with a hair trigger, Rae uses her experience and skills to lure him in and finally get back what he took from her.. Rae always kept the finer details of her past to herself and she intends on keeping it that way as she prepares to confront her previous president. What she isn’t expecting is the help from an outsider who at one time, had been considered the enemy.. Fight Fire with Fire will take you on another wild ride full of heart, emotion, sex on random furniture, and plenty of action.