Finance Skills for Teens: Earn Financial Freedom and Score Financial Independence With a Money Mindset Level Up

By (author)Amy York


Uncover the secrets to cash confidence tailored specifically for teens in Financial Skills for Teens. This book provides step-by-step guidance on money management, budgeting, and earning income doing what you love, all while speaking to your financial world context in a fun and engaging way. Say goodbye to boring theories and hello to financial freedom – it’s time to grab control of your economic future and start living life on your own terms!


As a teen, feeling comfortable with your finances may seem as likely as finding jeans that fit perfectly on the first try. But what if understanding personal money management could be as effortless as binging YouTube? Finance just got fun!

Money advice often overlooks day-to-day money decisions shaping real-world financial independence, like cell phone bills, creating adventure savings funds, or even starting a small side hustle for self-expression. With step-by-step guidance tailored specifically to teen economic empowerment, this book speaks to your financial world context in a way parents listening to the Ramones never could.

Why wait for a class or a complicated textbook? Inside this book, uncover the secrets to cash confidence tailored for teens including:

🔹 Level up money mindsets blocking freedom
🔹 Creative challenges distinguishing financial needs from wants
🔹 Budgeting basics without the snore
🔹 Goal setting for the future minus retirement lecture
🔹 Building savings towards adventure goals
🔹 Earning income doing what you love

Packed with indispensable lessons on money + self-discovery, you’ll finish motivated to control your financial life like a confident, empowered young adult. No boring theories!

It’s time to grab financial freedom for yourself right here and now so you can start living life on your own terms. Claim control of your economic future and get a copy of Financial Skills for Teens. Read more Continue reading Read less