Finding Home: Heartwarming Contemporary Christian Romance Book

By (author)Morris Fenris

Chrissy Johnson’s world is shattered when her husband is killed in action, leaving her pregnant and alone. As she navigates grief, faith, and unexpected attraction to her best friend’s brother, Reggie, Chrissy faces eviction and homelessness. Can she find the hope and happiness she so desperately seeks in the midst of her turmoil?


Can a crisis of grief and faith lead to new hope and happiness?. Chrissy Johnson is pregnant with her first child. Over the moon, she can’t wait to tell her husband Elliot who’s away on a tour of duty. But when a military car arrives outside her Wyoming house, her world is turned upside down. Elliot is dead – killed by a roadside bomb.. Now, months later and weeks from the birth of her baby, she waits tables at the Mountain Top Café. Struggling with grief and her faith shaken, she joins a college class on religion. But then a new professor turns up – her best friend’s older brother, Reggie Ellis. And Chrissy is left confused. Because she’s known Reggie for most of her life. So why has she never noticed how attractive he is?. Soon, disaster strikes when Chrissy’s landlord evicts her, leaving her homeless. And that’s just the beginning of her new troubles.. With her world in turmoil, how can Chrissy find the happiness she always dreamed of – filled with love, laughter, family, and renewed faith?