Football for Swifties: a Fun Introduction to Football, Taylor Style

By (author)S. R. Inez


Discover the enchanting world of football through the eyes of Taylor Swift in “Football for Swifties”. Perfect for dads looking to connect with their kids, young and mature Swifties, and football fans seeking a fresh perspective with a pop culture twist. Get ready to Shake It Off and enjoy the game with Taylor Swift charm and fun facts!


🏈✨ Dive into the Sparkling World of Football, Taylor-Made for Swifties! 🏈✨

“Football for Swifties” is your enchanting introduction to understanding football through the lens of Taylor Swift. Are you a hard-core Swiftie that wants to enjoy watching football with your friends, family or sweetheart, but you have no idea of how the game works, it’s rules, how to enjoy it? Or maybe you are a dad who has used the Taylor NFL craze to connect with your daughter or son. This book is for you and your daughter or son… a light-hearted introduction to football with a Taylor flavor.

Whether you’re a Swiftie stepping into the stadium for the first time or a football fan ready to Shake It Off with some pop culture flair, this book hits the perfect note.

Inside the Book:

Understanding the Game: A breakdown of football basics, positions, and scoring, all explained with Taylor Swift charm.
Football Meets Pop Culture: Explore how the spectacle of football intersects with music, fashion, and entertainment.
Fun Facts: Sprinkled with fun facts and trivia that you can use to show off your new knowledge and stump your friends.

Perfect For:

Dads looking to connect with their daughter or son over football with Taylor
Young and mature Swifties (from 2 years to 999)
Swifties curious about football.
Football fans looking for a fresh perspective.
Anyone who loves music, sports, and everything in between. Read more Continue reading Read less